City Glass is the leading supplier in Edmonton of custom mirrors and we only use the highest quality products for your project - 5mm distortion free mirrors. Our leading installation staff know how to expertly measure mirrors so that they will fit perfectly in your opening. Most walls and countertops are not level and plum, City Glass specializes in cutting the mirror so both your wall and countertop appear level. We have a full selection of all different edge types to suit your budget.

City Glass also specializes in commercial mirrors for dance studios and gym and we have various options for your mirror installations so they are easy to move or replace. For your safety, vinyl backing can be applied on our mirrors to keep people safe in case of accidental breakage!

Why Us?

City Glass supplies both standard and custom mirrors. Our standard mirrors come in a variety of sizes with ½" bevelled edges, and oval mirrors both with a flat polished and 1" bevelled edges. Custom mirrors can be created in any size and shape, we measure once to fit perfectly along your walls, ceiling and vanities. If you require custom etching, we have a large range of stencils for you to choose from. For custom stencils, all we require is a high resolution image and we can create the perfect design for you. If you require cut-outs in your mirror for electrical outlets, junction boxes, plumbing fixtures or any other notches we will measure and complete the mirror the first time. City Glass prides itself on creating the perfect custom mirror to compliment your space.

For 50 years, City Glass has been serving the needs of our customers in Edmonton, and the surrounding area. Click here to learn more details about the history, values and goals of City Glass.


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Mirror FAQ

Can you repair any broken mirror?

We have many years of experience with mirrors. We can repair virtually any mirror to match your existing mirrors.

Why don’t you use a thinner mirror on walls?

It is important to use the correct thickness of mirror so there is no distortion in the mirror when installed. Thinner mirrors tend to bend with the wall, causing the reflection to be distorted.

What kind of edgework can you do?

We offer all different types of edgework on mirrors. Seamed edges just take the sharpness of the edge of the mirror off. Our standard is a flat ground mirror, run through our six spindle edger. It leaves your mirror with a smooth, professional edge. We also offer various sizes of bevelled edges to add something different to your mirrors.

Do you cut mirrors in different shapes?

Absolutely, our shop staff have the ability to cut all different shapes of mirrors. We excel at circles and ovals providing you with something different than standard mirrors.