City Glass has years of experience working with all different window types.

  • Do you have foggy or broken windows?
  • Do you have wood or aluminum framed windows that need to be updated?
  • Do you have an older window that isn’t working properly and requires new parts?
  • Do you have a new home and want some beautiful windows?

City Glass will gladly come out, assess your project and get you back up and running properly.

Why Choose City Glass

We have a wide range of options from clear, solar guard and opaque glass to meet your needs. Windows above ground level, complicated sizes and shapes are all a part of our expertise. Broken aluminum sliding windows can be corrected in shop within a day or two to get you back up and running. We stock a vast selection of parts required to fix all different types of windows. If you require a screen to be fixed or a completely new screen, our in shop staff can take care of that as well! City Glass can upgrade your older windows to PVC windows for better efficiency and easier opening. We can work with you to determine the best way to upgrade your windows today. Call, come in or message us below to get your free estimate today.


For 50 years, City Glass has been serving the needs of our customers in Edmonton, and the surrounding area. Click here to learn more details about the history, values and goals of City Glass.


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Windows FAQ

Why are my windows foggy?

All double and triple pane windows have a seal to create an insulated air space between the cold outside air and the warm inside air. When that seal is broken, moisture enters the air space and degrades the insulatation value. Foggy windows should be replaced.

Why don’t you offer to repair foggy windows?

The process of removing the moisture between the windows is a temporary measure at best. The moisture will be removed but the insulation value of your window will never be the same. Replacement of the window is the only way to properly regain the insulation value for your windows.

What is low-e glass?

Low-e glass is low energy glass and this specialty glass helps block the short wave UV rays from the sun. This will help to keep your house cooler in the summer and retains the long wave rays from inside your house to keep your house warmer in the winter. Simply, low-e glass has a higher insulation value than standard clear glass.

How do I measure my windows for replacement?

There are a lot of different window types, each one requires a slightly different method of measurement. City Glass will be happy to measure your windows, please utilize our experience to make sure your replacement windows fit properly and work properly!